What is the difference between an assisted living facility and a nursing home in Denver, CO?

When looking to place a loved one who needs more assistance than family or friends can provide at home over the long-term, the two main types of facilities that the responsible party would need to choose from would be assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities, also known as nursing homes.

Assisted living facilities can be a great option for seniors who do not need intensive nursing care, but do need assistance with activities of daily living such as eating and self-cares. Assisted living facilities provide basic housekeeping and laundry, as well as varying levels of care for physical needs. Some assisted livings staff nurses around the clock, while others staff nurses during daylight hours only. Many assisted living facilities also provide secured memory care units, a valuable resource for residents with dementia who have a high risk of wandering.

Long-term skilled nursing facilities are the next step up in care. Often, residents are placed in nursing homes following a catastrophic event such as a fall or a stroke, or simply because their needs have developed beyond what their assisted living community or home care agency can provide. Skilled nursing facilities in Denver staff nurses and CNAs around the clock to ensure the physical, emotional, and social well-being of residents with a higher acuity, or need, than residents of an assisted living community.

When looking at senior housing options in the Denver area, it’s best to first consider what level of support your loved one needs. Then consider each individual facility – what activities and staffing ratios they provide, where they are located, and what kind of atmosphere it is. If you are looking for placement in South Denver, we’d be happy to help you determine which kind of a facility would be best for your loved one, and provide input on your options in the area. If you would like assistance, please give us a call at 303.757.1209.