What does is mean to be Denver’s Premier Nursing Care Center?

resident with art easel in courtyard getting premier care
Marilyn enjoys art in the courtyard.

When you are  looking for a Nursing Care home for a loved one, you will find that there is a wide range of quality in private pay nursing homes.  What does premier really mean and more importantly, what does premier care mean to you?

To some, being “premier” might mean a brand new, modern building with fancy finishes and expensive artwork on the walls, like a four or five  star hotel. To others is might be convenience and location, and being in the “right” zip code. While to the most discriminating set, it should mean the best available care in a clean and comfortable setting where their loved one has a private room to decorate as they like and make feel like home. It means ZERO deficiencies on the State of Colorado Department of Health survey. And it means having the best possible ratio of CNAs to residents to help your loved one experience the best quality of life and feelings of dignity possible.

You see, when you are looking at Nursing homes a lot can factor into your experience: All of your senses will be engaged with sounds, smells and sights, and even your emotions as you witness scenes of caregiving. What do you look for? What do you listen for? And of utmost importance what does it smell like?

The obvious things are right in front of you:

  1. It should not smell
  2. The floors should be clean
  3. Are there alarms, paging and medical equipment noises making it feel clinical?
  4. Do you hear residents crying out or wailing?
  5. What do the residents look like?  For example  are those you see happy, clean and well cared for?
  6. Do you see the staff treating the residents with respect?

Now step into a room if you can.

  1. Does it look and feel home-like?
  2. Are there personal items and furnishings that help it feel cozy?
  3. Is the room private or shared, and does  it have a private bathroom?
  4. Does it have ample closet space?
  5. Can you bring some of your own furnishings?

What is the overall feeling you get when you visit? Imagine visiting your loved one and taking a walk. There should be a pleasant place where you can go outside. You should feel welcome to attend any activity or a meal and the food should be good. Ask if you can plan a lunch visit in order to taste the food. Remember, this is a care center but it is also home to your loved one.

Come and experience Denver’s premier Nursing Home for yourself. You’ll be glad you did. Call 303-757-1209 to schedule a visit.