Home-like lobby and dining area showing stone fireplace and grand piano


Mission: To provide specialized, compassionate nursing care in a home-like environment, focused on the individual while addressing his or her preferences such as room layout, colors, activities, and meals to make residents and families feel at home.

Vision: Aspen Siesta is a home-like environment where residents and their families experience long-term care with a tradition of nursing excellence, warm hospitality, and a high quality of life.

Values: We believe in the dignity and great value of our elderly population. We believe that each resident has unique needs and desires, and we strive to accommodate special needs and preferences alike. We believe that Aspen Siesta is not only a skilled nursing facility, but also our residents’ home, and it should feel comfortable and safe.

image of resident room showing home-like features with warm colors, soft quilt and curtains
Large, private rooms with warm colors and soft touches create a home-like space for our residents.
Image of resident room with custom color and bedding
Each room is customized to the resident’s preference with their choice of paint and coordinating bedding and furnishings

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