Long-Term Care

Aspen Siesta specializes in long-term care for our residents. Our 24/7 skilled nursing staff is on-site and available around the clock to attend to our resident’s mental and physical needs. While an assisted living facility would focus on supporting residents with activities of daily living, such as using the restroom, eating, and walking, our South Denver skilled nursing facility also provides 24-hour RN coverage and bath and restorative aids to provide global geriatric care and care for conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, strokes, depression, osteoporosis, congestive heart failure, osteoarthritis, and hypothyroidism.  A long-term care center in Denver, CO such as Aspen Siesta is perfect for seniors who need more around-the-clock assistance with all levels of care than many assisted living homes or home health care services could provide without being prohibitively expensive.

Where many skilled nursing facilities in the Denver metro area are focused on short-term rehabilitation units, Aspen Siesta only admits patients for respite and long-term stays, allowing us to focus on our resident’s long-term needs and preferences. More than a skilled-nursing care center, Aspen Siesta is the home of our long-term residents, so we strive to make their environment as comfortable and safe as possible to allow both our residents and their families to feel at home.

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