Alliant Home Health

We are grateful to have a room dedicated to our on-site specialized rehabilitation partner, Legacy Healthcare Services. Legacy provides physical therapy and occupational therapy to many of our residents at Aspen Siesta Monday through Friday. Speech-Language Pathology and Memory Care are also available to Aspen Siesta residents through Legacy.

Physical Therapy

Legacy works to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and limit permanent disabilities in our residents. They provide exercise and physical wellness programs, focusing on ambulation and mobility. Legacy offers specialized care for a number of conditions, including decreased function or muscular weakness, difficulties with balance and coordination, pain, fractures, wheelchair mobility, and joint replacements.

Occupational Therapy

Legacy helps many of Aspen Siesta’s residents to recover and/or maintain tasks of daily living, such as self-care, functional mobility, continence management, and cognitive skills.

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